Custom Toughened Glass Splashback, expertly tailored to your specific requirements. It offers the flexibility of being back-painted in your choice of Resene or Dulux color. Crafted from 5mm low iron (ultra clear) toughened safety glass, it combines practicality with a modern aesthetic. Designed for easy cleaning, it is suitable for use behind any type of hob.

Our splashback features flat polished edgework for a sleek finish. With its clean lines, smooth surfaces, and clever use of lighting, it allows you to effortlessly create contemporary and stylish effects with colored glass. You have the freedom to personalize your kitchen with custom shapes, cut-outs, and a wide range of color options. It's the perfect finishing touch that adds a sense of neatness and sophistication to your space.

splashback colours

Consistent Theme

Your choice of cabinets and benchtop will naturally steer you in the direction of some colours over others. You can choose to stay neautral and go with soft, similar or complementary shades. However if the kitchen feels like it is lacking in a feature, go ahead and inject some colour. Brighter, saturated colours work especially well in white kitchens or dark kitchens lacking contrast.

Room Lighting

The lighting in the room plays a big part in colour selection. A dark kitchen may not suit a dark metallic or black as it will close the space in. In small kitchens we generally suggest a lighter colour (or a mirror). Feature LEDS and spot lighting can really show off a colour on the glass, so keep lighting in mind (even at night) when making your selection.

Colour Ranges

We have a range of colour samples from our own range already painted to glass and available to browse or collect from our showroom. We suggest selecting from Resene or Dulux ranges for custom colours as we have matched many colours from these in the past and keep formulas handy.

Colour Matching

We use ultra clear glass for our splashbacks so can match any standard solid colour you bring in to us. We can make up colour samples on request and provide this service for free (for confirmation) if we are doing the job. Keep in mind the 'whitest' whites may take a slightly dulled look with refraction through the glass medium in some lighting situations.

For residents in the Greater Auckland region, contact us today. We offer a complimentary measure and quote service if you're unsure of sizes or have queries. This ensures a perfect fit for your Glass Splashback and uncovers any potential costs in relation to site access.

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